Use Cases Banking

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance have silos of lucrative customer data but they struggle to utilise most of it. There is no centralisation of databases and hence there is no clear picture of the customer needs. This results in higher customer attrition, fraudulent transactions and lower engagement.

Know how Nash360 can help banks maximise their credit risk estimation and higher customer retention.

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Insurance sector deals with multiple lead generation sources but they lack right targeting. Analysing customer lifecycle is very important for cross-selling insurance products. Improper segmentation and targeting based on those segmentations can make this very difficult.

Know how Insurance companies can increase their conversions with Nash360.

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Use Cases Insurance
Use Cases Telecom


Large volumes of data in Telecom industry is difficult to process effectively. Customer sentiment analysis is a crucial process in the industry for better conversion and increased customer satisfaction.

Nash360 can increase the CTR by 30% with sentiment analysis, Know how!

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Lack of accurate predictions result in a lot of unproductive time in Manufacturing sector. This is due to lag between happening and monitoring.

With accurate Predictive Behaviour modelling, Nash360 can help to resolve these issues. Know how!

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Use Cases Manufacturing
Use Cases Retail


Retail industry struggles with poor segmentation and bullwhip effect. Generic and biased decisions makes personalisation next to impossible. There is no real-time monitoring or data processing due to which there is always an increased risk of losing potential customers.

Know how Nash360 can improve customer experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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