Leveraging AI’s Capability to Uncover Data Value for SMEs

Data Consolidation & Analysis
Data Consolidation & Analysis of Customer Behaviour

Small scale businesses need to draw meaningful insights from a modest amount of data & their executives tend to dismantle the thought of hiring a full-time analytics firm due to budget limitations. Tuple consolidates the big data extracted from myriad sources, & determines the varying customer behaviours with predictive analytics. Depending on the behavioural insights including customers’ spending habits as well as their probability to churn, the dynamic CDP platform maps every customer’s journey.

Identify & Sell More by Targeting Customer Profiles

To multiply sales and growth perspectives, small and medium enterprises need to understand their customer profiles at a more detailed level, and based on company size, type of industry and net revenue. Customer profiling is important for improved sales and marketing, which constitute to company's comprehensive growth. Tuple’s AI-powered CDP creates a target customer profile by using predictive analytics on data which is otherwise piled away for record-keeping or operational purposes. It saves the company from involuntary loss of time on irrelevant leads.

Targeting Customer Profiles
Real-time Insights
Real-time Insights for Smarter Business Decisions

SMEs are still grappling to drive value from structured & unstructured data, which can scale their growth opportunities. Tuple leverages predictive analysis to transform data into data-driven stories for SMEs. Our AI-powered solution employs advanced analytics to extract real-time actionable insights, which helps in visualisation of user behaviour, track conversions & activates data action points to enable smart business decisions.

Scale Marketing Efforts

To dissolve restrictions of budget & resources that SMEs battle, Tuple scales their marketing efforts through marketing automation platform. By using predictive analytics, we defer their traditional experimental approach & proffer accurate predictions on targeting the right offer to the right customer, at the right platform. With our AI & data-driven application, we foster business objectives of increased ROI, improved customer acquisition with better targeting & providing the best product recommendations.

Scale Marketing Efforts
AI Powered Communication Assistance

Deliver Better Customer Experience

The explosion of online communication channels has pushed customers’ engagement demand at soaring highs. Unlike large companies who recruit customer servicing teams who are live 24/7, small & medium enterprises don’t have the flexibility to stretch their budget to pay client servicing executives for long hours. Tuple’s AI enabled virtual customer assistant is an efficient & dynamic platform that automates customer interactions across engagement channels. We enable small businesses with AI-powered communication assistance so that they can be around their customers whenever they need it & stimulates business’s outreach by effectively interacting with potential customers.

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