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sales optimisation
Dumping ‘Waiting in a Queue’ for ‘Scan-and-Go’ Check-Outs

The Internet has altered the shopping preferences of many people who once visited a local retailer to shop for every need. With e-commerce booming as a modern retail substitute, the offline stores need to improve inside store experience to capture online shoppers. Tuple’s AI is disrupting the innovation in retail technology by bringing retailers closer towards automation with ‘scan-and-go’ check-outs. It eliminates potential turnoffs from a customer shopping experience like waiting in long queues by authenticating customers via voice & facial recognition technology, coupled with RFID technology.

AI-driven Personalised Recommendations

Retail stores have been investing in sales offer & loyalty offers to lure customers into spending more. The penetration of the smartphone lifestyle has somehow elevated the degree of satisfaction these customers are looking for. A recent study found out that only 7% of customers choose to encash these deals/offers. Tuple bridges this disconnection between retailers and customers with AI-driven personalised recommendations. These intelligent recommendations are based on the 360-degree-view of customer’s shopping behaviour. With machine learning algorithms, Tuple optimises recommendations in real-time & helps you with hyper-tailored product suggestions.

sales optimisation
Automated Retail Vending Machines

To sell more and lose less, retailers need to optimize their in-store operations with solutions that boost customers’ shopping experience, improves on-shelf product availability, reduces labour costs and avoid inventory loss. For consumers who are now embracing the technologies that help them define their experiences, Tuple provides all these solutions in a single automated vending machine where customers can scan the QR code with a smartphone to dispense multiple items, by combining the signage technology with AI for image processing.

Holistic Customer View

All leading brands stimulate their offline store to create & follow the model of customer-centric retail-marketing. The challenge lies in identifying & capturing data from every customer touch point by joining all sources of customer data. Tuple uses machine learning algorithms to collect customers’ data from varied sources - stores, Internet, customer support, home delivery, loyalty & credit systems. With predictive data analysis, we extract lifetime value (LTV), the share of wallet (SOW) & create customer profiling using segmentation to help you improve customer satisfaction & moving customers closer from where they realise the value off-line store brings them.

sales optimisation
Omnichannel Marketing

The goal for retail businesses is to create customer experiences that are fluid and connected across all touch-points. Retailers need to improve their customer engagement and nurture customer loyalty. Tuple embeds AI and predictive analysis in a platform to give you a real-time understanding of customers’ buying behaviour. We help you create relevant, engaging & personalised marketing message tailored to every channel, significantly improving the ROI in sales.

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