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Fraud Detection
Using Analytics to Keep the Fraud Away

The growing penetration of smart devices has accelerated the volume of data that is now available to insurers. The trustworthiness of various sources and touch points from where the data becomes available and depreciates leaves a lot of room for any fraud to go undetected. Tuple’s AI-powered Customer Data Platform applies Advanced Data Analytics to analyse every single of data thoroughly. Our platform first identifies the fraudulent claim via statistical analysis, analyses it to affirm the claim & then AI backed recommendation engine suggests the next action – claim rejection or legal action.

Customer Profiling with AI

The traditional insurance businesses are shifting their ‘product focus’ to a ‘customer-centric philosophy’. Profiling customers from segments help insurers better understand their buying potential and how they can retain these customers or acquire new customers who share similar characteristics. Tuple harnesses the power of data science coupled with predictive AI to cleanse, identify accurate customer information and to make sure that it is actionable. By adding data analytics, we predict the future buying behaviour of the selected profiles, enabling insurers with the insights on which customer profile carries a higher value.

Customer Profiling

Customers are willing to share their usage & behaviour data with service providers digitally in exchange for personalised marketing messages, that helps them decide. It’s not any surprise when we these customers willingly switch their service providers to get highly-relevant personalisation. Tuple uses advanced analytics and employs propensity models on the customer data to recognize customers on the basis of demographics, geography, and digitally expressed interests. This way, insurers can deliver right & personalised promotions, relevant pricing and recommendations to every customer.

Futuristic Insurance Interactions

Chatbots have been incorporated by many businesses to engage digital customers, but Tuple enabled specific attributes in its AI-powered chatbot so that insurers can gain value from the operational costs. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to proffer lower processing time, faster resolution & straight-through processing. Embedded with advanced algorithms, it simplifies complex insurance transaction by eradicating the manual efforts required to fill forms, elaborative questionnaires, background checks, thereby saving manual work-hours and labour costs.

Futuristic Insurance Interactions
AI-assisted Cross-Selling
AI-assisted Cross-Selling

Insurance companies have abundant sources for lead generation but the deficit inaccurate targeting recommendations lead, they tend to miss on the cross-sell opportunities. Tuple’s CDP is powered with machine learning & predictive analytics that identifies the right customer segment based on age, marital status and other demographic/psychographic stats. By applying logistic regression model, the platform gives the probability of cross-selling an insurance product & thereafter, the recommendations on the cross-sell strategy.

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