Connecting our Trusted AI & Analytics Engine to Blockchain for Predictive Planning

Re-imagining Decision Making
Re-imagining Decision Making to Maximise ROI

Thanks to the digital ledger technology, blockchain businesses can access to a vast database of varied information. Another reason is the decentralised storage of data which places users at the centre of the blockchain ecosystem. Tuple’s AI augments the management of larger sets of data and analyses the data for customer behaviours & patterns. It provides businesses with flexible and fast access to actionable insights. The further application of deep learning algorithms to extract features from the data enables improvised decisions in finance, shipments, supply chain or production.

Real-time Data Analytics

The structure of the data stored in the blockchain is immutable but then again, every data needs to be analysed in order to scale the business growth. The blockchain data can reveal much more than users’ behaviour or trends. Tuple combines AI and the power of your data to draw value for the business in the form of customer preferences, customer lifetime value, dynamic prices & potential churns.

Real-time Data Analytics
Augment Customer Servicing
Augment Customer Servicing with Improved Compliance Systems

The customer verification on a blockchain network is important to validate any claims made by a business, which calls for a secure system relating to high-value transactions. Tuple aligns predictive AI on these audits (the user verifications) to offer better customer servicing information like accurate legal information about real estate, pricing or tax calculations. Businesses can improve operational efficiency, minimize any fraudulent practices & fast-track their service delivery.

AI-powered Chatbots

User experience is always at the centre to drive the business value at a higher scale. Blockchain companies need assistance from automated algorithms to improve communication with their users. Tuple’s AI-powered chatbot streamlines the clients’ conversations & ensures the security of crypto-transactions. Nova can be easily integrated into the crypto wallets to automate the crypto payments & to deliver customer requested information like purchase history. Embedded with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Tuple chatbot easily executes the voice commands like “pay David 1 Ether.”

AI-powered Chatbots
Personalised Recommendations
Putting Sentiment Analysis on the Strategic Front

Businesses can formulate more efficient strategies around sales, marketing by aggregating content from platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram. With Tuple’s AI, businesses can develop trading strategies around conversational and informative data. The application of predictive data analytics on myriad content forms – tweets, conversation threads, blogs or articles, enables businesses to map the market sentiment and provides personalised recommendations to surpass any negative sentiments.

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