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360 Customer View
Do More with your Customer Data using AI & Advanced Analytics

In the times when customers start interacting with banks through their smartphones, the foremost challenge wrangling the banking systems is the exploding volume of customer data. To extract actionable insights from para bytes of data, banks need to leverage data science, predictive analytics & AI. Tuple’s CDP, Nash360, unifies data to provide a 360-customer view, dissolves any overlap & de-duplicates the data. Tuple helps you deliver a dynamic digital experience with accurate behavioural predictions by optimising every single customer interaction.

Next-gen Approach to Fraud Prevention

Banks are now overwhelmed with rising demands and requirements. The increase in money laundering cases each year is reflective of banks’ inefficient anti-fraud measures. It calls for a shift from traditional risk functions, like the prediction of potential high-risk customers at the time of application can help banks to reduce loan default calculation time. Tuple uses machine learning to build neural networks and relative models that lead to early detection of high-risk accounts & helps banks to assess the risk in real-time, at lower operational costs.

Fraud Prevention
Automated Chatbot
Automated Chatbots for 24/7 Assistance

With consistently evolving smartphone banking, banks are over-flooded with customer inquiry requests like balance inquiry, bank account details, loan queries etc. The longer is the wait time for a customer, higher are chances of a customer leaving the platform. Tuple automates the human efforts to deliver augmented customer service, accessible 24/7 which allows bank executives time to cater to more complex issues. With A.I. deployed in the system, Nova reduces the wait time, as it knows exactly when to refer the knowledge base & when to redirect the conversation to the human executive.

Personalised Marketing in Real-time

Customers’ demands for personalised marketing message is increasing. Instead of random offers, they want highly relevant offers that match their requirements, or else they will more likely churn. Banks have a goldmine of transactional, behavioural, & demographic consumer data & with automated behavioural analyses by Ubiquity, banks can provide personalised recommendations to their customers. Our marketing automation platform also accelerates growth by driving cross-selling opportunities.

Personalise Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing Experience
Omnichannel Marketing Experience

Modern-day banking is no more limited to transactional efficiency. Customers today want banks to treat them with highly personalised banking experience on myriad channels, picking up exactly from where they left. To keep up with the ever-increasing customer touch points, banks need to switch their marketing efforts to omnichannel. Tuple helps you navigate effective-personalised marketing through different channels at the right time to drive acquisition, conversion, retention, and revenue.

Leveraging AI to optimise targeted advertising

Customers today expect their bank to provide information that will contribute to their financial decision making. Tuple integrates predictive analytics, campaign management & multi-channel message delivery on one platform & helps you meet customers’ surging demand through hyper-targeted digital campaigns based on the behavioural data. Our predictive AI engine ensures that customers receive a targeted marketing message, saving your marketing dollars.

Optimise Target Advertising
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