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Ubiquity is a powerful, fully integrated marketing platform that automates the personalisation of marketing workflows, using advanced machine learning techniques & predictive analysis.

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Dynamic Customer Journey

Businesses need insights into how customers are moving through the sales funnel. With customers having complex customer journeys, marketers need to identify opportunities to enhance their experience. Ubiquity employs predictive behaviour modelling to map & analyse these journeys. It allows marketers to engage their customers on the right platform, reducing marketing costs.

Seamless Integration

The swift integration of different marketing channels (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), email management systems & reporting systems make multi-channel marketing more efficient. This seamless incorporation allows marketers to create omnichannel marketing campaigns to reach a large customer base. It gives the flexibility to manage your marketing campaigns & activities through a single platform.

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Cross - Channel Campaign Automation

Ubiquity automates the execution of various campaigns including mobile, social or email. The cross-channel campaign automation improves the speed, relevance and profitability of marketing campaigns & delivers superior customer experience via any channel, at the best predicted time. Ubiquity powers brands to engage with their customers whenever & wherever they want by connecting your online and off-line marketing.

Automated Data Synchronisation

The automated data synchronisation makes sure you have access to every latest data update in real-time, without any lag. Ubiquity employs advanced machine learning techniques to sync its dashboard with the data updates streaming from offline & online customer touch points. It saves the company’s costs otherwise spent on manual data monitoring and updating.

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Tuple’s Ubiquity automates your marketing workflows with a simple user interface. So save your time and scale your growth with our predictive AI.

Ubiquity Benefit 1
Automated Recommendation Engine

With predictive analysis, Ubiquity enables marketers to engage their customer with smart recommendations comprising of product, personalised landing page, CTAs or content. These real-time recommendations are based on customer behaviour and maximise every interaction’s value.

Ubiquity Benefit 2
Effective Hyper Personalised Marketing

Ubiquity uses deep learning to create smarter interactions based on customers’ transactional history, behavioural traits & their intent. With Ubiquity, marketers can do hyper personalised marketing to create a successful customer journey – from when a customer does a product search to the point when they turn into a brand advocate.

Ubiquity Benefit 3
Relevant Experience with Omnichannel Marketing

Ubiquity helps marketers deliver an experience where their customers are – online or offline. Marketers can create a consistent marketing communication with co-ordinated messaging delivered to every customer, across different channels, from a single, automated platform.

Ubiquity Benefit 4
Personalised Customer Experience

Ubiquity automates & optimises the cross-sells & up-sells to help marketers deliver personalised upgrades that add to the customer experience. It helps them in targeting customers based on behavioural triggers, on multiple marketing channels.

Ubiquity Benefit 5
Increase & Maintain Customer Life Time Value

Ubiquity helps marketers identify the predictive value of customers by assessing their historic data & transactional data. It predicts which customers are likely to churn and recommends the right platforms, campaign types and time for interaction that will lead to customer retention.


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