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Tuple’s automated machine learning platform replaces the manual work required in data pre-processing, feature engineering, feature extraction, and parallel model building process. To simplify the building & deployment of machine learning models, Predict gives data scientists access to 100+ latest ML algorithms. Predict gives you the best solution for your project, replacing any need to do manual coding.

Business Leader


Predict enables your team to drive value in the form of individual customer behaviour prediction, from the humongous data which is otherwise stacked in the silos. With Predict, your business can achieve more than extracting insights. It can map the right route to generate the best ROI with accurate predictions & recommendations. Predict’s comprehensive model library is built with interactive UI, which is swift to integrate into your existing workforce.

Technologies That Enables Predict

The AI-driven Predict implements automated machine learning models to complex business challenges. It helps businesses to build highly accurate predictive modelling that leads them to achieve higher ROI.

Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning

Predict is a truly intelligent system that automates the repetitive machine learning tasks like choosing data sources, data prep, and feature selection, by applying ML. It will automatically target customer segments for your business’s marketing, will automate product recommendations, scale the personalisation and fraud prevention. With Predict, Data scientists can invest their efforts in refining model qualities and accuracy

Behavioural Economics

Machine learning models that predict future behaviour & deep insights on customer behaviour can help your business identify new customers and expands revenue opportunities. Predict automates feature extraction, labelling data, training & testing of neural networks. Executing these neural networks on customer data assists the marketing & sales team in building a custom process to engage new prospects with the brand.

Behavioral Economics
Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing

Predict offers a scalable distributed computing system which is precisely built for every business’s requirements. It eliminates the traditional failure of systems that occur when machine learning platforms have datasets too large to store. Predict maintains redundancy in distributed systems & minimises business costs.

Data Integrations with API

To ensure seamless functioning of its automated predictive intelligence engine, Predict proffers data integrations with API. It simplifies the communication between data from various sources, applications and other devices. It ensures that automated workflows are fast & more productive.

Data Integrations With API


Accurate Predictions
Automated Model Selection for Accurate Predictions

To map the textual meaning with the underlying intent, Predict deploys NLP models & draws accurate predictions. Tuple’s automated predictive intelligence engine converts text strings into features using powerful techniques like TFIDF, RCNN, RNN and LSTM. It solves most common business challenges like sentiment analysis, document classification and content tagging.

Precise Segmentation
Automated Analysis for Precise Segmentation

Through advanced machine learning models of clustering and auto-segmentation, Predict automatically analyses behavioural data patterns to create precise customer personas (with detailed characteristics), in their relative segments.

Customer Behaviour Prediction
Predicting Customer Behaviour for High Revenue

Based on hundreds of latest algorithms, a user can develop models with capabilities to make highly accurate predictions. Predict builds high-quality predictions quicker than ever, by automating various data science processes. These predictions have already tested the highly competitive corporate market & has witnessed global brands achieving their revenue goals.

Product Segmentation
Product Recommendations that Improve Brand Value

To make product recommendation that increases brand value, sales and customer engagement, Predict automatically puts the most suitable analytical model into action that helps businesses discover their customers purchase behaviour & preferences.

Multi Language Identification
Surpasses the Language Barrier

Predict uses automatic language identification to identify multiple languages and picks the best behavioural model. It automatically finds, tunes, and interprets the best text mining algorithms like topic modelling, named entity recognition & keyphrase extraction for a dataset, saving both time and resources.


Data scientists or business leaders, Predict automates the data science workflows for everyone. It deploys trained ML models to the operational front & extract accurate predictions from the data.

Proactive Customer Recommendations to Optimise the ROI

Uplifts Revenue with Proven Behavioural Models

Predict Benefit

Real-time Optimisation to Avoid Lag Between Actions & Recommendations

Saves time, Automates the Repetitive Steps of Data Processing

An Automated Library of 100+ Algorithms


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