How Does It Work

The conversational interface of Nova is integrated with natural language recognition capabilities & uses machine learning to learn from customer interactions.


Understanding the Customer Life-stage

Using AI, Nova asks qualifying questions to route customers to the key conversion pages, where they can get the information they are looking for. Leveraging Tuple’s predictive AI, Nova swiftly directs customer through the sales funnel by understanding which life stage the customer is on. The integrated natural language models enable Nova to engage customers in relevant conversations.

Decoding Conversation Intent for Better Messaging

Natural language processing (NLP) enables Nova to understand the human language in fragments, like structures of the texts & speech phrases. Nova analyses customers’ data to identify the behaviour trend to create effective messages. Natural language understanding (NLU) systems are employed to map the meaning of dialogue to its underlying intent, which builds a successful conversation, in multiple languages.

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Analysing Customer Intent for Better Segmentation

Nova uses Machine learning algorithms to draw insights from customer interactions & determines complex behavioural patterns to create better segmentation. With analytical modelling, these insights on various segments are used to identify customers’ buying behaviour. It helps businesses to imbibe personalisation in their marketing messages. Nova’s built-in dashboards give a better view to a customer’s activities, and you get access to updated personas every time.

Blending Multi-channel Experiences for Marketing Advantage

The ways in which customers are interacting with your brand has evolved. They meet you across multiple channels with their unique traits. If you manage all those interactions as a single journey, customers will enjoy a connected & seamless transition between marketing platforms. Tuple’s AI-powered chatbot Nova enables you to deliver a consistent experience across all channels, by integrating different APIs of platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twitter, & automates the authentication & authorisation process between channels. The data garnered from these platforms is analysed for customer sentiments & the derived insights are updated on a centralised dashboard in real-time.

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The AI enabled Nova is beyond text-to-text chatbot, it’s your conversational agent that responds, asks questions using natural language & this is, just an introduction.

24x7 Customer Support

The 24x7 support by Nova eliminates any waiting time & proffers customers with quicker response. The AI-powered Nova easily searches answer from the available knowledge base in real-time & turns-in the human client support executive if there is a complex query.

Security and Hosting

Nova’s Database is hosted on the secure & centralised AWS cloud servers. All customer interactions are secured with end-to-end encryption, preventing any data breach. The real-time conversational data is protected with enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Personalised Recommendations

Nova asks the right questions to better understand customers’ requirements & does more than sending automated replies. It responds with relative recommendations after analysing the language intent & sends real-time notifications to sales & marketing departments for personalised services.

Monitor Customer Data & Gain Insights

Nova can drive actionable insights from its conversational database, which can be used to personalise the customer experience over time. To fulfil business objectives, Nova can collect feedback about the company’s products/services from the customers who are about to leave the website.

Manage Multiple Customer Queries at a Time

Nova can handle multiple customer queries at a time, helping businesses to minimise human dependency for more productive outcomes. It streamlines the user interaction data by escalating conversations to relative support desks.


Tap into AI capabilities with Nova and deliver a responsive & interactive customer experience

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Higher Return on Investment
Increased Work Efficiency & productivity
Customer Service Enhancement
Increased Brand Engagement
Resource Saving & Reduced Costs


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