How Does It Work

Nash360 integrates predictive AI & machine learning to enable businesses to extract value from streaming data sources, take strategic decisions with real-time intelligence.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data from a variety of sources like connected device data (IoT), sales data, behavioural and psychographic data, is collected to create a unique customer data lake, accessible to all marketing systems. It will give a crisp & comprehensive understanding of your customer and about the type of marketing message that will convert your customer into a buyer.

Profile Unification

Nash360 collects data from all offline & online customer touch points and with machine learning algorithms, transforms it into a deduplicated profile for every individual customer. It creates the golden record of every customer & provides marketing team quicker access to the data for effective decision making.

Profile Unification
Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Nash360 uses predictive behaviour modelling which simplifies the identification, segmentation of historical & transactional data, & maximises the marketing effectiveness for the business. It powers your customer intelligence by giving insight into a customer’s lifetime value. The predictive segmentation helps you build better targeting for different marketing initiatives.


Nash360 builds custom propensity models for businesses to arm them with highly accurate predictions – the probability that a customer will transact & the estimation of customer lifetime value. These deeper customer insights can streamline the sales funnel with customer lifetime value forecasting, churn and reactivation prediction, & dynamic micro-segmentation.



Tune your customers’ journey with Nash360’s predictive engine and transform real-time insights into actionable directives.

Scalable Unification
All Your Data at One Place

Scalable unification of structured, semi-structured & unstructured data gathered from multiple sources. With all the data in-sync at one platform, you can see the entire customer journey across all channels.

Customer Segmentation
Improve Targeting, Deliver Smarter Interactions

Accurate & efficient customer segmentation improves the targeting with relevant interactions. Nash360 uses predictive analysis to help businesses target different customer personas with an appropriate marketing campaign.

Churn Prediction
Precise Churn Prediction for Optimised Marketing

Preventing customer churn by assessing behavioural patterns can amplify the revenue source for business. Businesses can replace the customer at high risk of churning well in time & can recover the loss of marketing costs.

Insight Recommendations
Customer Insight Recommendations

With a single customer view, Nash360 provides 1:1 recommendation based on the current stage of a customer lifecycle. It helps marketing teams to take decisions beforehand, to optimise actions that can easily retain customers.

Multi-platform Data Ingestion
Multi-platform Data Ingestion

Importing, transferring, loading and processing of data from multiple sources gives the flexibility to manage any amount of data in a unified way. The single-point access will streamline your marketing campaigns & activities by manipulating data in real-time to deliver insights.


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