Our Mission

To drive seamless, scientific and forward-looking decision making for Organisations.

Our Vision

To create AI Assistants for businesses which can provide maximum productivity to the workforce with minimum technological complexities.

Our Philosophy

To bring the power of modern data-driven technologies to the business leaders without disrupting their work regime.

Our Value

Focus on End-Goal | Factual Decision Making | Team Work | Transparency

Meet the Team

Let us introduce our leaders who connect everything – data, processes, AI and most importantly, the people.

Anmol Mohan
Anmol Mohan
Founder & CEO
Johnson Chng
Johnson Chng
Sonny Cheah
Sonny Cheah
Director of Expansion

The Tuple Story

Let’s take you behind the scenes for a look at what goes on when we sit
down together to discuss strategies for our big goals